One of the core pillars of the Arkansas Youth Expo mission is creating leaders in life. We want to see exhibitors exceed in the ring, and in life. To help encourage leaders in life and build the future of Arkansas agriculturists, we are continuing to grow the experiences for the youth of Arkansas every year. We hope you can utilize this page to identify opportunities past the show ring and stay involved with AYE and Arkansas agriculture!

Arkansas Youth Expo Collegiate Internship Program- The AYE internship program offers a hands-on experience for college students interested in livestock shows, non-profit organizations, and leadership development. Our intern teams are involved in every aspect of AYE upon arrival. As an intern, you will learn show management, work with exhibitors and agriculture educators, and most importantly, make the exhibitors experience the best it can be. Applications for the 2024 Arkansas Youth Expo Collegiate Internship Program will open on June 25th and close August 25th. Please visit this page for the link to apply.


Arkansas Youth Expo Partnered Scholarships –Beginning in 2021, the University of Arkansas and Southern Arkansas University pledged their support to the youth of Arkansas and the future of Arkansas agriculture by providing scholarships to AYE exhibitors. In 2023 we were able to provide $22,500 in scholarships to AYE exhibitors alongside our collegiate partners including the UofA, SAU, UofA-Rich Mountain and the American Brahman Breeders of Arkansas. As we grow AYE, we are dedicated to growing the scholarship program as well. The generosity of these universities is extremely appreciated, and we look forward to continued partnerships with them to provide scholarship opportunities for AYE exhibitors well into the future. Check back in the summer/early fall of 2024 for scholarship applications.


University of Arkansas: Due September 22nd, 2024

American Brahman Breeders of Arkansas: Due September 25th, 2024

Southern Arkansas University… coming soon

University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain…. coming soon


2023 Scholarship Winners:

University of Arkansas recipients- Haylee Silzell, Kiersten Priddy, Anna Sweat, Rylee Youngblood, Josie Wilkins, Caroline Daniel, Ashlee Henderson, Colin Fields

Southern Arkansas University recipients- Cooper Plyler, Emilee Lyons, Anna Sweat, Haden Richardson, Callie Ann Tibbs

University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain Livestock Judging Scholarship recipients – Josie Wilkins, Kaden Ables, Kinlee Stivers, Natalie Lester, Raylee VanVoast, Lacy Floyd, Claire Walston

American Brahman Breeders of Arkansas recipient- Alyssa Bussbee

Arkansas Youth Expo National Anthem and Prayer Opportunities- If it wasn’t for the brave men and women who fight for our country, or the Lord above that we serve, AYE would not exist. If you have an interest in singing the National Anthem or giving a prayer at an AYE event, please fill out the form below to get involved!

National Anthem and Prayer Form: National Anthem and Invocation Application

Arkansas Youth Expo Ambassador Team- Beginning in March 2021, our team decided that in order to truly be exhibitor focused, we needed the voice of our exhibitors to be heard and represented at the core of our organization. This led to the development of our AYE Ambassador Team. The ambassador team consists of 12 AYE exhibitors who serve for a yearlong ambassadorship. These exhibitors are a shining example of the leadership development that showing livestock instills. Throughout monthly meetings, fundraisers and corporate events, and interacting with exhibitors at AYE, the Ambassadors are a vital piece to the AYE puzzle. To apply for the 2024-2025 AYE Ambassador Team, please fill out the following form between March 15th  and April 1st, 2024.

Ambassador Application Link: Ambassador Team Application

2024-2025 Arkansas Youth Expo Ambassador Team: 

Addison Bryles

Sawyer Beggs

Charlie Latta

Natalie Lester

Ellie Johnson

Marley Kate Maloch

Will Neal

Preston McCarty

Brihnlee Hunt

Brayden Mooney

Maddie Jenkins

Rylie Bignar