Purpose: The purpose of the validation process is to ensure that the livestock exhibited at the Arkansas Youth Expo are in possession of and cared for by the exhibitors. The validation deadline allows us to have proof of ownership by a certain date. This process helps to ensure that every exhibitor is receiving the same treatment and level playing field for their junior livestock projects in the state of Arkansas.

A VALIDATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENTRY. Validation is proof of ownership for animals that are not papered. Registered ewes, gilts, heifers and bulls do not need to be validated. All other animals DO need a validation. ALL animals to be shown at AYE must have an entry. 

2024 Validation Process:

Animals that must be validated and entered: 

All Barrows and All Commercial Gilts

All Market Wether Lambs and Commercial Ewes

All Market Wether Goats and All Does

All Market Steers and Commercial Heifers

Animals that do not have to be validated (Enter Only):

Registered Ewes

Registered Gilts

Registered Breeding Heifers

Registered Bulls

Steps to Validate Animals for AYE (JULY 1-15th ONLY) 

  1. Exhibitors will complete the online validation portion on ShoWorks prior to completing the physical DNA kits.
    1. Visit ayenom.fairwire.com to complete the online portion
  1. Once the exhibitor has submitted their validations on ShoWorks, they will print out the envelope template from the Validation page of the AYE website (one template per animal). 
  2. Exhibitors will staple the printed template to a regular sealable envelope and place a DNA sample in the envelope. 
  3. Exhibitors must have their FFA advisor or 4-H County Extension agent sign off on their DNA envelopes as a witness of DNA sample collection.
  4. Exhibitors will mail their ShoWorks receipt and completed DNA kits back to AYE no later than July 15th, 2024 (Postmark Date) AYE MAILING ADDRESS: 14845 Walker Road Prairie Grove, AR 72753