2021 Market Steer Show

Kevin and Michelle Rieff

Official Judge
Dustin Franke, Colorado

Show Announcer
Coming Soon

The Market Steer Show is held in Purina Beef Arena


The exhibitor must maintain continuous ownership, possession and provide daily care for the steer(s) from the time of nomination until show day. 



The minimum show weight requirement for steers is 1,000 pounds. There is no maximum weight limit. There is no official weigh-in of market steers. Official scales will be available for exhibitors to use in determining weight for the official entry card beginning on Sunday October 3th, 2021 at 8a.m. Weight cards are due Monday October 4th at 6p.m. in the AYE office



Show ring cards must be fully completed by the exhibitor with the steer’s weight listed and turned in during the beef check-in in the AYE Main Office on Monday October 4th by 6p.m.



For a market breed show to occur, one of the following must occur 

  1. A minimum of 10 head entered and nominated in said breed
  2. A sponsorship of $500 for said breed must occur



Trimming or grooming chutes must be in your assigned beef exhibit stalls or an area assigned by the beef superintendents. No bucket heaters are allowed inside, or within 50 feet of barns.



Show classes will be established after all steers are weighed. Steers will be divided into classes by weight. There will not be an official weigh-in; all steers are to be weighed by exhibitors. Class show order will start with the lightest class and will follow with the next heaviest. 



Added hair or other material, natural or man-made (excluding false switches) may not be used in the grooming of any exhibit. Any attempt to change the composition or appearance of any steer in an unnatural manner will result in disqualification. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED WITH A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. 


Weigh Back:  

The top 3 steers in each class will be weighed before the official placing with a 5% weigh back allowance on the official weight determined by the weight listed on the exhibitor’s weight card.  



All steers are subject to be tested for unauthorized compounds. 



Generators and Fans:  

No generators may be operated inside the barns, however, they are allowed outside. AISLE FANS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Only overhead fans, which are safely secured, may be used in the barns. No bucket heaters are allowed inside, or within 50 feet of barns.


General Rules:  

The general rules and regulations published in the premium list of the Arkansas Youth Expo will also apply to all market steer classes.  


Cattle Showmanship: 

Any steer or heifer exhibitor is allowed to show in cattle showmanship. Only one animal per exhibitor in the showmanship competition.


Showmanship classes are as follows: 

Class 1 Ages 20-21

Class 2 Ages 18-19

Class 3 Ages 16-17

Selection of Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion Showmen 

Class 4 Ages 14-15

Class 5 Ages 12-13

Class 6 Ages 10-11

Selection of Intermediate Champion and Reserve Intermediate Champion Showmen 

Class 7 Ages 8-9

Class 8 Ages 6-7

Class 9 Ages 5 

Selection of Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Showmen 


 Ages are as of October 6th, 2021.  To participate in showmanship, each exhibitor must be entered in the show.


Showmanship will begin with seniors and end with juniors. 


  1. The judge will pull the number of exhibitors he deems acceptable to return to the finals for each division, in no particular order. Five will be chosen from each division